By now we all know that Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning is heading back to the Super Bowl, but did you know that he raised over $24,000 today for his charity by calling "Omaha" from the line of scrimmage?

ESPN is reporting that eight businesses will donate the money to Manning's Peyback Foundation after they committed to donate a combined $800 for each time he said the word "Omaha." If you're wondering, Manning called "Omaha" 31 times today, Sunday, at the line of scrimmage during the AFC Championship game.

The President of the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, David G. Brown, says that they calculated the investment from Manning's call, and that it equated to nearly $10 Million in advertising for Omaha. Thus, a number of businesses in Omaha have pledged to donate money to Manning's charity for the "Shout Outs."

If you think Manning has anything to do with this, well that's just not so. According to ESPN, Brown says, "The city had no interaction with Manning or his representatives, but assumed Manning would accept the money."

"Omaha" may have gotten much attention on television, but likewise, it caught the attention of many on social media. "Omaha" was one of the top trending topics on Twitter this weekend.