Former Indianapolis Colts Quarterback, Peyton Manning, returned to the city that adopted him when entered the NFL. Now with the Denver Broncos, Manning made his first appearance in the stadium that some say he built, Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Prior to kickoff, the Colts showed a highlight reel of Manning's career on the big screens in the stadium. While warming up, you could see Manning taking looking up at the highlight reel and then a HUGE "Thank You" came across the screen. Manning, being the class act he is, took his helmet off and thanked the crowd that obviously still loves him dearly.

This was one of the most moving things I have ever seen in sports. This is what sports is all about. Manning never really got to thank his fans after his departure from the Colts organization, but last night he was given the stage on Sunday Night Football.

The Colts defeated Manning's Broncos 39-33.

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