The Philadelphia Police Department will be on the lookout for unruly fans this weekend when the New Orleans Saints take on the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Wild Card game, Saturday January 4th at 7pm. However, some police will be dressed up as SAINTS FANS to target Eagle fans that are overly aggressive and intimidating towards opposing fans.

Its widely known across the NFL that Eagles fans just are not welcoming to opposing fans. As a matter of fact, in the Eagles old stadium, they had a jail built into their stadium to incarcerate fans that were unruly during games. If you're wondering, yes that was the only stadium to actually have a jail built into it. I think that says A LOT about the fans in Philly.

What a smart move by Philly Police to target such fans, and we applaud them, the police, for their efforts. Note to Philly fans, before you think about tossing a drink on a New Orleans Saints fan this weekend while in attendance, you may want to think twice. The person you may be drenching, who is wearing the "Who Dat" gear, may just be an undercover cop!!!

We not only hope for a clean game on the field this Saturday, we also hope for a clean game in the stands as well. There is nothing like the NFL experience, but when one obnoxious fan ruins just part of the experience, it takes away from the entire NFL experience.