According to Urban Dictionary, Planking is "An act of lying face down atop an object, landmark, animal or other person, then stiffening one's form so that one's arms are firmly held by one's side and toes are pointed; taking on the physical characteristics of a plank." But here is the most important part of that definition.

Planking is usually recorded and uploaded to social networking sites to gain kudos for the level of comedy, aesthetic or endangerment accomplished in execution.
Let's see...
  • Comedy, check.
  • Aesthetics, check.
  • Endangerment, check.
  • Bourbon St., check.
  • Clear stripper heels, check.

From historic New Orleans landmarks, to official members of Young Money, these guys just took planking to the next level in a video that New Orleans' Gambit calls

the definitive New Orleans planking masterpiece

While I agree with that description, I still wouldn't recommend any activities that involve your face touching the ground in the French Quarter.

[Warning NSFW Mild Language]