If you step out to grab bread and milk, leaving your 13 year old at home isn't that big of a deal. But leaving your 13 year old at home for a 7 day trip to Taiwan is probably not the best idea.

Authorities have charged Winnie Chaffee, a single mom in Westchester County, with misdemeanor child endangerment for allegedly leaving her 13 year old daughter at home while she went to Taiwan from March 21-28.

Chaffee justified her actions by sayin that she left her daughter plenty of cash, credit cards and prepared meals.

She told authorities that she left her daughter at home to attend school. Chaffee's lawyer has spoken out saying that his client isn't a bad mother. She was reportedly out of work before receiving a business contract overseas. Chaffee also reportedly had arranged for people to check in on her daughter.

Chaffee is now free, awaiting her next scheduled hearing on April 28.

Do you think Chaffee was wrong or right for leaving a 13yr old at home for a week ??? What is a good age for leaving a kid home along, and for how long ? Tell us what you think !