The United States Postal Service is set to announce today that they will suspend their mail delivery service on Saturdays. The reason behind the decision is an effort to cut costs at the struggling agency.

Fox News is reporting that under the proposal, the Postal Service will continue to deliver packages six days a week. The plan, which is aimed at saving about $2 billion, and it would start to take effect in August.

Mail will still be brought to the post office on Saturdays, and those post offices already open on Saturdays will remain open after August.

The Postal Service does not receive tax payer's money to operate, but the agency is required to go before Congress on many of their decisions. It was not immediately clear how the service could eliminate Saturday mail without congressional approval.

We have been hearing about how this agency was going broke, and maybe that explains why the price of stamps has slowly increased through the years. But I will admit, it will rather odd to not see the mail person in our neighborhood on Saturday mornings.