How this flew under the radar of the internet for so long, we will never know. But now that we have discovered Joanna Rohrback and her unique (and insanely funny) fitness workout called 'Prancercise,' the entire world wide web seems to be a better place.

What exactly is 'Prancercising?' If you think it's as simple as combining prancing, with excercising - then you're exactly right.

All you need are ankle weights, the ability to frolic, and a whole lot of courage in order to actually do these exercises in public. I honestly thought this video, which was originally posted in December 2012, wasn't real. But upon further review, Prancercise is indeed real, and has been since Rohrback invented it in 1989!

There are four tiers to this majestic workout, and each one is more epic than its predecessor. I'll let you see the video for yourself, but be warned; once you reach "the gallop," s--- gets real.

Joanna is a Coral Springs, Florida-based wellness coach and aerobics instructor, and has been for the last 20 years. She also has a degree in Health Services and advocates a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. Oh, and she really digs horses, if you couldn't tell by her workouts.

She actually has a book on Amazon that you can buy, so show her some love; and while you're there, check out the reviews! For even more info, check out her official website. 

And when you're done watching the video below, check out the 'Prancercise' remixes.