President Barack Obama still isn't showing much love towards rapper Kanye West. During a sit-down interview with the magazine The Atlantic, President Obama said that while he totally respects West for all of his accomplishment, he still thinks West is a "Jackass." When the reporter David Samuels asked President Obama if he favored Kanye West or Jay-Z, the leader of the free-world said he prefers the latter.If you recall, back in 2009 President Obama was not impressed with Kanye West's conduct at the MTV Music Awards.



It was then that West interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech and stunned the entire entertainment industry. In an interview with CNBC shortly after the incident, Obama said, "The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She's getting her award. What's he doing up there? He's a jackass."

Following his actions at the award show, the rapper disappeared from the scene and apologized profusely to Swift and her fans. Still, many say that incident may have tarnished West's image and it sure did not sit well with the most powerful man in the free-world.

In Samuel's article he follows the rapper while on tour and breaks down the barriers he, West, has had to knock down as he re-enters the "spotlight."

Rakim, one of the rap community's most influential figures, offered this take on Obama's comments: "It's good that the president knows about Kanye," Rakim says. "But to have to call him a jackass? He should be a little more focused ... I mean, that exposure could have been 'Yeah, Kanye, he's a very interesting person.' Instead of 'He's a jackass.'"


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