While giving a speech at the White House yesterday, President Obama had to stop during his address to help stabilize a pregnant woman who was about to faint. The woman was in attendance as the President was delivering a speech on the controversial "Obamacare" medical plan. According to the White House, Karmel Allison was there to show her support for the President's plan, as she is supposedly set to benefit from "Obamacare." Reports indicate that she has level 1 diabetes, and is expecting child.

The President noticed something wasn't right behind him, he turned around and caught the young lady before she could fall to the ground. Jokingly, President Obama said that's what happens when he talks too long during his speeches.

Mrs. Allison later thanked the President via Twitter for catching her, and indicated that she is doing just fine. I'm sure this is a moment during her pregnancy she will NEVER forget.