Hey fellas, next time you look at a woman's bum, and they look at you like you just slapped their best friend, remember this video. This guy wanted to do an experiment to see if women looked at men's body parts as much as guys look at women's. I could've answered that question without the experiment. That would be a big ole YES! So, this is what he did...He wore some really tight pants and stuffed his trousers to make his bulge look big. He then equipped it with a crotch cam. Then he pretended to be asleep on the subway.  The results are funny. It seems like every female was staring at his package. Some even took pictures. Some stared even with his girlfriend next to him. The best was when one of the females actually complemented him.

Women look just as much as men. LOL!!! Hey, we're human, it's okay to look.