As we start to prep for Summer vacations and more, Abercrombie & Fitch has announced that they have a line of swim wear for kids that in essence acts as a push-up for kids. The swimsuit is padded just as some adult swimsuits are.The clothing line drew heat from parents as soon as they announced that these padded swimsuits would be for sale at abercrombie kids. Critics of the clothing company often accuse them of forcing kids to grow-up too fast. This isn't the first time the clothing company has had heat thrown at them for marketing "adult style" clothing and accessories towards kids. Back in 2002, Abercrombie introduced thongs for your girls which drew lots of protest and fire from parents.

With all of that said, are they wrong for the latest line of swimsuits? Are padded swimsuits just too much? We all know the world we live today, and kids are already in scope for some adults. Does this not only exploit them even more? Personally, this seems to be just a little much for any kid to be introduced to. Why would a young girl need PADDED Swimsuits???? What do you think about this latest marketing strategy?

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