A motorcycle rally in New York City turned into a nightmare for one family caught in the middle of the event. As motorcyclists were making their way through the streets, a family in their Range Rover was caught in the middle of the cluster of bikes. According to the Daily Mail, at one point, a motorcyclist moved in front of the vehicle and slowed down, and the Range Rover appeared to run into the bike. A helmet cam caught the action as the driver of the car forced his way through the bikes after being surrounded by the group of riders, running over at least one more motorcycle during his escape.

The ensuing chase through the streets finally ended when the driver of the vehicle had to stop for traffic, allowing one of the motorcycle riders to get off his ride, and smash the driver's window with his helmet. That's when the camera stops. Reports are that the driver suffered lacerations to his face and head, and that his wife was in the passenger seat, while his 5-year-old child was secured in the back seat.

Many of the comments involving the video showed support for the driver of the Range Rover, as the actions appeared to be in self defense, after being surrounded by the group of bikers. As a result of the incident, reports are that NYC has now banned the annual event.