Every year, you can smell the aroma of fresh-baked king cakes, students prepare for the LEAP test, and the Cajundome rumbles with the sounds of Raw. You've been hearing us give away free tickets, but if you don't win, you really should buy em and make a trip to the Dome on February 18th to experience WWE Raw. Here's 5 reasons why Dave thinks you should check out the show.

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    Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

    The art of self expression is taken to new levels at WWE events. Fans from all over make their sign for two reasons. First, to let everyone know how they feel, and second, to get noticed by the cameras. In fact, if your sign is good enough, it may even be used by a WWE Superstar (just ask Chris Reed who had not one but two signs used over the years). Make sure you do research before making your sign by watching the show. Some colored poster boards show up better than others. Plus, be clear what you're writing so that it's easy to read on TV. No one can read your poem about why CM Punk is the best on the mic when the camera is 30 yards away. Big letters = Easier reading

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    'Hey Ladies'

    The ladies have come along way from being assistants on the sideline to being competitors in the ring. There were a few ladies who could handle themselves back in the day, but…let's face it, it's much easier to watch the ladies of today than the Fabulous Moolah (who will always be fabulous) of the past. The divas have upped their game and started adding more high-risk moves into their matches and are now bringing more credibility to ladies wrestling than ever before. Plus, they're not bad to look at either. So whether they're at ringside or in the ring, you can't go wrong with scantily clad divas beating the $h:t out of each other.

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    High Flying Lightweight Divison

    Many years ago, the bigger the wrestler, the more exciting the match was. Bigger moves, harder hits, and with the exception of the occasional sleeper hold to catch their breath, pretty fun to watch. Then, with the influx of the Mexican wrestlers bringing their high-flying luchador style to the states, it made it possible to be under six feet tall and less than 250 pounds in order to wrestle. Rey Mysterio, one of the smallest in stature, has proven to be one of the most exciting to watch. The light weight division has become the hot spot for action in the ring and even if you don't 'believe' in wrestling, you can't discount their athletic ability and their willingness to take the big risks, flying high and landing hard just to make the crowd roar.

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    Smack Talk

    Trash talking has always been around, but as everyone knows, it's an art form. You've got the good, the bad, and the uncomfortable to listen to when it comes to the microphone skills. For years, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were masters of the microphone (speaking of which, The Rock RETURNS TO THE CAJUNDOME!), inciting the crowd to cheer or jeer depending on which week it was. Now, there's a (relatively) new sheriff in town, CM Punk. His ability to be that confident and comfortable on the mic doesn't go unnoticed, and he has the skills to back up what he says. Regardless of whether you like the star or not for his wrestling, he can definitely make up for (or hurt himself) with his skills on the mic. Sometimes the dialog is just as compelling as the wrestling in the ring, and the WWE has got the roster to get it done every week.

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    TV Face Time

    Whether it's an accident scene or random news story, people flip out to get on camera, even if it's in the background. With the WWE, you know where the cameras will be, and with the right signage and proper ticket selection, you could be on the big screen in the Cajundome or the small screen in millions of homes across the country and around the world. It's that reason that televised shows do so well, everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame. If you can't get ring-side tickets or the first few rows back, then your next option will be the pull out bleachers in level one. It gets kind of tricky guessing which side the cameras will be placed, but usually, the cameras will be facing the sections 105-110