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Master Sergeant Jacinto Bernardo just retired from serving our country after being in the Marines for 21-years. While stationed in Japan, he and his family purchased a house in California that needed A LOT of work. Well, when Master Sergeant Bernardo returned back into the U.S., the home he purchased looked nothing the same.

While overseas, Mr. Bernardo asked a fellow Marine, Jeremy Epperson, to watch his property while he was away. What Bernardo did not know was that his buddy would do more to his property than "just watch it."

Epperson wanted to do something special for his buddy while he was away and boy did he hit a home run!! Epperson, along with the help from several other volunteers, was able to raise enough money and renovate the home for Master Sergeant Bernardo and his family.

$70,000 worth of renovations went into the home and when Bernardo returned home from overseas he basically walked into a brand new home!!! Now, that's how I say you salute a man that has devoted much of his life to serving our country.

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