Rihanna has been a busy gal lately. In the past few weeks she has found time to hit up Coachella, make it rain at a strip club, deliver a smashing performance on SNL, cut ties with her ex Chris Brown on Twitter and film the video for her latest single 'Where Have You Been.' She just uploaded some pics from the video shoot onto her official Facebook page and they are nothing short of amazing.

Within the photo set we see several candid shots of Rihanna topless while being painted like an alligator and smoking on something that may or may not be illegal. Other stills show RiRi in a variety of animal-inspired costumes in a variety of exotic backgrounds. Based on the pics, the 'Where Have You Been' video looks like it's gonna be a monster and I'm definitely ready to see the finished product.

A lot of people are saying Rihanna has gone off the deep end with her wild-child antics as of late, but I'm definitely not complaining. After you see these pics, you won't be complaining either.