2 Pac is BACK!!!!!!! Ok not really, but we know Rihanna wants him to be since she got herself a brand new tattoo.  I'm pretty sure you remember how 2 Pac had 'Thug Life' printed on his stomach right? Well it seems Rihanna wanted to show some love and got the same letters for herself.

Don't worry it didn't go on her stomach (thank you for the sake of her bikini body.) She decide to go hardcore with the knuckles.  Of course she didn't want to steal all his fire so she got it in pink to show the feminine side of 'Thug Life.'  Personally when I heard Rihanna was getting a tattoo on her knuckles I was waiting on them to say 'Chris Brown.'  It wouldn't be that far off since they HAVE been spending some time together right?  I did have a thought though..........I wonder if the knuckles hurt more?  Check out the pictures below of Rihanna's new tattoo.  We are still going to ask though.........would you get one?