Rihanna has had a few pictures leak online that were only meant for private eyes, but that isn't stopping her from baring it all in sexy cell phone pics. (intended only for her boyfriends eyes of course ... riiiiiighhhhht.)

Even though she is a single girl now Rihanna says that future lovers should prepare for the occasional candid hotel bedroom shots to pop up on their cell phones.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Ri Ri explains

"When you're not with the person you want to be intimate with, a picture is the next best thing. Skype is safer, but a picture lasts a long time. When you're alone, and those horny moments come up, pictures can be very handy."

Recent memory may serve you the mental images of Rihanna topless, bottomless and everywhere in between in pictures that sparked mayhem when they hit the internet a few years back after only being intended for ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to see. (assuming you DID see the photos) ;)

What do you think about Rihanna's position on 'sexting' ??

Absurd ? Trashy ? or .. does she kinda ... have a point ??

Discuss !!!