While many have been talking about the cover of the upcoming Rolling Stone Magazine, now we have some insight on what Rihanna opens up about in the interview. The magazine hits stores and the web this coming Friday.On the subject of Chris Brown, RiRi opens up and says that what he did to her was a personal thing. She further states that if they never talk again in their life, she is fine with that. However, she says that his career should not have to suffer because of his actions on that infamous night. In this segment of the interview, Rihanna says that she didn't want to cry in front of people because she simply did not want people to feel sorry for her.

On her abusive father, Rihanna states that while she still blames him for his abuse towards her mother, she now has a better understanding on why it happened. The singer says that her father was abused, and that her father always blamed his mother for not stopping the abuse targeted towards him. Therefore, Rihanna says she now understands why her father had so much resentment towards women. Yet, she admits that his actions were indeed wrong.