Poor kid never knew what was coming when a would-be robber punched him in the face for his iPad. There is a silver lining to this story.

The story goes, the eight-year-old boy was walking out of the day care following his aunt, when the would-be robber, 32 year-old Aaron Stillday ransacked him, punched the eight-year-old in the face and took off running.

All this was caught on surveillance camera right out side of the restaurant.

The owner of the restaurant Mohammad Armeli heard all the noise going on out side of his restaurant, the aunt told him what happened. Armeli acted quickly calling 911 and chasing Sitillday for over a half a mile.

Armeli caught Stillday and held him down till the police arrived.

Aaron Stillday was charged with first degree aggravated robbery.

I guess you can say some good came out of this. Not only did the robber get caught, the little boy's sister brought the iPad to the Apple store. The family showed them the tape of the kid getting punched and the store gave him a new one.