It appears that the NFL Q.B. that has had his imagine tainted with two separate sexual abuse allegations will tie the knot with a Physican's Assistant he met nearly five years ago. The Pittsburgh Steeler's Ben Rothlisberger will wed on July 23, which is a week before camp starts for the AFC Champions.The Q.B. says that he is a changed man, and that all that he wants is to make himself and others around him happy. Roethlisberger says that he has learned a lot from recent allegations, and that he is ready to write the next chapter of his life. While some will always have an opinion of him, Rothlisberger says that is fine. Many close to the Star Q.B. say that Ben seems to be a lot happier as of late, and that there is an obvious change in the young man.

Roethlisberger says that they expect 500 guests for the ceremony, and they are asking for monetary donations, which will be donated to a charity, rather than gifts on this important day. The couple plans on writing a big check to Ronald McDonald House and Children's Hospital and put everyone's name who donated.