Roger Goodell set out to make an example of of the Saints with the punishments he laid down for Bountygate. He took away the center of the Saints success by suspending head coach Sean Payton for an entire year.

He also handed down hefty suspensions for assistant coaches, management and players. He did everything in his power to ensure the Saints would have the most horrible season that one could possibly imagine to pay for their alleged wrongdoings.

After the Saints started the season 0-4, it looked like Roger Goodell was accomplishing exactly what he set out to do. Not even Drew Brees and his record NFL salary could save us.

But then something happened. Something big. I first saw it in Week 4, when we almost took the W against Green Bay at Lambeau. Despite the loss by one point in the final seconds, I knew my team wasn't the team that the 0-4 record defined, and over the next few weeks, the Saints would prove my hunch true.

Now the Saints are at .500 at 5-5, and are definitely in the playoff conversation. But, as you will see in the video, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not happy when he received the news.

Roger Goodell Loses It When He Finds Out The Saints Are At .500