If admitting you have a problem is the first step, then the Saints have officially taken the next step in recovering from the Bountygate scandal. The announcement was made today that assistant head coach Joe Vitt will assume Sean Payton's duties as interim head coach for the New Orleans Saints. Saints GM Mickey Loomis said in a release that Vitt will take over on Monday.

"It is important that we keep Sean Payton's philosophy front and center during this season," Loomis said Thursday. "Sean has been the driving force behind the tremendous success our team has enjoyed during the past six years, his leadership will be missed. But we need to set a course of action that gives us the best chance to win this season without our head coach. ... We considered a number of great options to handle Payton's duties both internally and externally, but believe this will provide the most seamless transition for our players and our coaching staff, allowing our offensive and defensive staffs to remain intact with the fewest changes.

"This is the same structure we used last season during Sean's knee injury."

Vitt will oversee the offseason training program and training camp, before he is forced to step aside for the first third of the 2012 regular season due to suspension for his involvement in the 'Bountygate' scandal.

I'm definitely ready for the challenge, but I know that routine and consistency is a huge part of winning championships. If there is anytime for the Saints to adopt an 'Us vs. The World' mentality, the time is now.

For the Saints plans during Vitt's suspension and the full statement from Loomis, go here.

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