Saints fans are known for coming up with original songs to get the entire Who Dat Nation hyped before the Black & Gold take the field. A young 6-year-old Saints fan has given us an anthem to prepare for Saturday's NFC Divisional playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Next to the loss agains the Rams, the embarrassing outcome earlier this year in Seattle may have been New Orleans' worst defeat of the regular season. By beating the Eagles, on the road, in the playoffs, in cold weather, in an outdoor stadium, the Saints silenced the naysayers and the national media who had the Saints coined for elimination.

It's inevitable that the tune of the national media this week will point to the game against Seattle earlier this season, but if anyone remembers that game - it's the Saints.

They've got the 12th man. We've got this 6-year-old's anthem, and we're gonna crush the Seahawks.