A lot of New Orleans Saints fans (including myself) are wondering "just what will the 2012 season will have in store for us?" Our franchise QB is still not signed to a long term deal yet, two of our defensive captains have been handed down suspensions (one for the entire season) and in addition to suspensions to other coaches and our GM, we are currently without our head coach/mastermind Sean Payton until the end of next year's Super Bowl.

But no one ever said we couldn't use his hologram :)

According to the Canal Street Chronicles, the Saints will use the same technology that we all saw at Coachella when Tupac dazzled the crowd (and later, the internet) with a 'live performance' 15 years after his death. That's right, the New Orleans Saints will have all the presence of their elite head coach on the sideline, without him actually being in the building at all, which totally stays within the rules.

Sort of.

There is nothing in the lengthy terms of Sean Payton's suspension that restricts his holographic likeness (seen in the photo above thanks to the photoshop genius of the Canal St. Chronicles) from participating on the sidelines or in the day to day affairs as head coach of the New Orleans Saints. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell seems to be reluctantly on board, but is none too happy about being outsmarted by the Saints organization.

We're in uncharted territory here. Obviously, league rules don't specifically state anything about holograms, or any other likeness for that matter. And since it wouldn't really be Sean out there, I feel I've got to allow it. Even though it's against my better judgement and I hate the [edited] Saints.

[via Canal St. Chronicles]

The part that bums me out, is that the holographic Sean Payton - aka Holo-Coach - won't actually be able to react to any type of real time situation, and his speaking capabilities will be limited to all the pre-recorded data compiled from previous film and audio recordings.

So why even waste time going through all the trouble, if it's just going to piss Roger Goodell off even more? Why waste the money? Shouldn't we just use the money to get Drew signed to the long term deal that he's looking for?

Saints' General Manager Mickey Loomis explains why the Saints are going to such great lengths and offers a time table of when we will actually get to see the Sean Payton hologram in the full story from the Canal Street Chronicles. ;)

Oh, and before you do that, I would highly suggest you looking up the definition to the word 'satire.'