A few students at an elementary school did not have lunch Tuesday because they were told that they did not have enough money in their school account. Parents were apparently delinquent on payments for lunch, and when kids went to eat, the school denied them!!!

As many as 40 students at Uintah Elementary, in Salt Lake City, had their lunches, which they'd already received from the cafeteria, seized and trashed by school authorities when they got to the end of the lunchroom line.

School officials say they attempted to contact parents that had children in debt, but were unable to contact all of them prior to Tuesday. As you may expect, a lot parents are upset that the school didn't let the kids eat, and collect the parents later. The school district did offer a lengthy apology to parents on their Facebook page, which you can read HERE.

When I read this story I had mixed emotions. At first I was upset for these kids, and then suddenly my sadness was replaced with anger. How does any adult ever deny a child a meal? I mean, couldn't the school district have not collected at a later date, or simply excuse the kids with no money in their account for ONE MORE DAY? I hope parents don't let this incident just "slide under the rug," and that they, the parents, DEMAND action be taken.