The New Orleans Saints are now 4-0. They totally dominated the Miami Dolphins in front of the biggest crowed in the NFL with a score of Dolphins 17 Saints 38. We all know that score could've been a lot higher. If you had a chance to watch it on TV, you can see coach Sean Payton screaming and yelling and hiding his face behind that play sheet. What is he saying? We finally know.

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

If you are curious like I am, you really want to know. Is he yelling at Drew Brees for a busted play or an interception? Is he talking smack to a player for a missed tackle? We don't know.  I have to send a big thanks to for putting this up on their web site.

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

It's a video of Sean Payton Mic'd up before and during this Monday Night football game. It starts off with him taking a pic with the Robertson's from Duck Dynasty and it gets better. It's a must watch if you're a Saints fan...WHO DAT!

Best quote by Sean Payton: It's like Denny's at 2 A.M..  So glad he's back. : )

Here is the link, just CLICK HERE and enjoy.