By now, you know that Richard Sherman CB for the Seattle Seahawks is the most hated man in the NFL, but should he be? We've been told for a week now that Richard Sherman was mic'd up for the NFC Championship game. What really happened? Finally we get to hear and see what set off Richard Sherman in the NFC Championship game against San Francisco 49ers. Was it really his fault, or did Michael Crabtree, WR for the San Francisco 49ers entice the whole thing? You might change your mind once you see this video.

The NFL mics up certain players in the game, I'm pretty sure they know  Richard Sherman is a huge trash talker. So, of course they're going to mic him up. I'm sure Sherman was happy this day to be mic'd up.

After the NFC Championship game was over, Sherman gave the best post-game interview the NFL has ever seen. He was clearly running off emotions, of not only winning but what had happen just before he got interviewed. If you haven't seen it, I provided the interview for you below.


That's all the world saw, was a mad man going off about how he is the best CB in the NFL, and that Crabtree was a "sorry receiver." It looked really bad, and it started a fire under a lot of people. They even labeled him as a thug. He has since apologized to Crabtree and the rest of the world. After watching this video, maybe he isn't as bad as people thought he was.


In the NFL Sound FX video, it clearly shows Richard Sherman running up to Crabtree and telling him "Hell of a game," Sherman sticks his hand out to shake Crabtree's hand, and Crabtree puts his hand on Sherman's face-mask and pushes him away. Then Sherman gets interview.


You decide: Is Sherman really a villain and a thug? or was his rant all off of raw emotions? Comment below.

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