Sunday night during the NFC Championship game in Seattle, the San Fransisco 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman sustained a horrific knee injury in the fourth quarter. Well, while being carted off the field, Seattle fans pelted him popcorn while he was on the back of the cart taking him to the locker room. Early reports suggest that Bowman may have torn his ACL, but as gruesome as the injury may be, I don't think it is as UGLY as the fan's behavior while Bowman was being taken off the field.

Sure, we all think of Philadelphia fans as being some of the worst fans out there, but it appears that Seattle fans are now making a strong case for being labeled the worst fans in the NFL. Here is an all-pro football player being taken off the field, and you throw POPCORN at him? Really???

The Seattle Seahawks may be representing the NFC in the Super Bowl, but some of their fans are not a true representation of fans around the league. By the looks of it, some fans in Seattle have a lot of growing up to do. This video actually makes Seahawk player Richard Sherman's tirade after the game look tame.

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