A real-life Christmas scrooge does exist in Rockland County, and to make matter worse it is in the form of an educator. A second grade teacher told the KIDS in her class that there was no such thing as Santa Claus while they were discussing the North Pole. This story has angered many in the community, and now parents are speaking out about this real-life scrooge!!!

Once parents learned that their kids were told that St. Nick does not exist and that their parents put the gifts under the tree, parents became rather upset and vocal.“If that happened to my daughter in her second-grade class . . . I’d be very upset,” said, Sean Flanagan, 48, whose child was in second grade at the school last year.

If her brothers told her [there was no Santa], they would be punished. So I can’t imagine what should happen to the teacher.”

So far, school officials wouldn’t discuss the Christmas incident or say if the teacher would face any discipline. Lets only hope that the school and it's official's take the appropriate action in this case. These kids have been ROBBED by a teacher that has no respect for a kid's imagination or holiday fun!!

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