Erick and Salina found out the hard way that sex in a tree is definitely not a safe place to make babies. It was a bloody and traumatizing experience to the couple, so traumatizing that Salina now hates nature. LOL!! Sure, blame it on the tree. The story goes like this...

It was their 3rd date, and they decided to go on a hike. Of course, Erik said to Salina 'Hey, let's do it in a tree.' For some reason, Salina agreed. As they were just about to get freaky on the tree branch, Salina told Erick, 'Hey, I feel something moving.' Erick, like most men, just laughed it off and chalked it up to her recognizing his 'frank and beans.'

Well, it wasn't his frank and beans, it was the tree branch cracking in half. Erick went crashing down to the ground, but that's not the end of the story. Salina noticed blood coming from Erick's mid section. (every guy reading this just cringed) They rushed to the hospital. This is where Erick found out the bad news, he broke his manhood. I looked it up, it's a real thing. OUCH!!!

I guarantee, that is the last time they'll try that. The story and many more are all apart of a new series called.. Sex sent me to the E.R. airing on TLC.