MTV 'Buckwild' star Shain Gandee was found dead yesterday after his Ford Bronco was submerged in mud. Authorities have officially ruled Carbon Monoxide poisoning as the cause of death. Unlike the 'Teen Mom' and 'Jersey Shore' reality stars, MTV 'Buckwild' star hasn't seen any big MTV money, so his family is asking for help with funeral expenses.

Shain's uncle and an unidentified male friend also died after his 1984 Bronco stalled in the mud during an off-road mudding trip over the weekend. The truck's exhaust pipe was submerged in mud, causing the poisonous gas to leak back into the car.

No one knows how much money 21-year-old Gandee made from MTV after only one season of 'Buckwild,' but judging from other MTV reality shows, the big checks don't come until after the show becomes a smash.

It's safe to say Shain was probably making a couple thousand dollars at best.

[via TMZ]

As a result, Shain's family is turning to the community to help pay for his funeral expenses. His cousin, Ashley Gandee is putting together a "mud run" memorial to take away some of the financial hardship from Shain's family in the wake of his unfortunate passing.

The event is set to take place tomorrow (Wednesday) night in Proctorville, Ohio, 50 miles west of Charleston, West Virginia where 'Buckwild' is filmed. There will be a $10 charge for each vehicle and Ashley's store - Gandee's General Store - will also be taking donations.

Charleston Mayor Danny Jones has spoken out in hopes that MTV will pull the plug on the show after Gandee's death is just the latest bad news amongst a troubled cast that he believes is portraying the town in a negative light.