We have all heard bizarre stories of folks shoplifting, but this story goes down as one of my favorites!! D'Iberville Police arrested a man at Winn Dixie Tuesday who they say was trying to leave the store with two live lobsters in his shorts, among other meat products.

Nathan Hardy, 35, is accused of shoplifting. Employees at the Winn Dixie noticed the suspect trying to leave the store without paying for items he had stashed away in his pants, thus they stopped Hardy from getting away. Those items included two live lobsters in his front pockets, two bags of jumbo shrimp, and a pork loin, which was stuffed into his waist band.

Hardy did attempt to escape police custody, yet he was apprehended and later transported to the county jail.

My only question here, what size pockets did this guy have on his shorts? To fit two Live LOBSTERS into his pockets, its one of two things. Either he had some massive pockets, or the lobsters were rather small. But for a MAN to stuff live lobsters into his pockets, he didn't take into account....well you know!!!!