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Lost Pet In Scott: A Hawk!
Lost and Found Pets Acadiana is a great resource for reuniting lost owners with their pets, but it's not often one comes across a "Lost Pet" post like this one.
Lafayette On Her Mind
Amy Schumer is still thinking of the two women who lost their lives in the 2015 theater shooting.
Seize The Deal: Pizza Artista
Pizza Artista gift certificates are being offered for half price at Seize the Deal for Friday, February 16, 2018, beginning at 6am.
Jo-El Sonnier Serenades 104-Year-Old Woman For Valentine's Day
Local legend Jo-El Sonnier was looking to do something special for someone this Valentine's Day. He found sweet Mrs. Evalise who will turn 105 next month and serenaded her with "You Are My Sunshine". This is the one of the kindest things I've seen in a while.
That 'Black Mirror' Dating App From 'Hang the DJ' Is Now Real
First they let robot pizza trucks loose on the streets, then they taught robotic dogs to open doors. Now, Black Mirror has made another terrifying collision with reality, as a new “Hang the DJ”-inspired dating app will tell you exactly how much time you and your sweetie have left.