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Festival International Essentials
Festival International 2018 is here! If you plan on heading out to check out all the food and fun that Festival has to offer, you've got to come prepared.
Sweet Revenge!
We linked up with the UL student who went viral for pranking his girlfriend by showing up in random embarrassing vehicles.
Denied Entry?
Every year it seems like we have a prom wardrobe scandal.
Louisiana Childhood Nostalgia
People often reminisce about their childhood, but there are certain things that can spark up a specific Louisiana nostalgia.
Lafayette On Jeopardy!
Lafayette will be represented on one of the most iconic game shows of all time.
Lines At The Airport?
Have you ever run into delays at the Lafayette Airport that seem longer than usual?
Is There A Catch?
A video clip of a New Orleans panhandler has re-opened a timeless debate.