Ladies, we know it can be tough out there when it comes to relationships, and knowing exactly where you stand with your man. Are you his girlfriend? Are you the girl on the side? Or, are you just his h- .. umm, .. "something else?"

Enter relationship guru and connoisseur of all things gold Trinidad James with the 'Female$ Welcomed' Relationship Quiz. His new single (by the same name) describes a situation where Trinidad's girl on the side has been upgraded to his "main chick," since the woman he once considered to be his #1 boo just isn't feeling their relationship anymore.

Take this quiz, and by answering 12 simple multiple choice questions, you will be confident in knowing where you stand with your current beau. Also, be sure to let Trinidad's new 'Female$ Welcomed' single play in the background while you take the quiz to enjoy the full experience.

Let us know how you did by sharing your results in the poll below!