For the first time ever in history a Meteorite has been recorded while in the air. Anders Helstrup a Norwegian skydiver was nearly struck by what looks like a Meteorite or some sorta space trash.

It happened during the summer back in 2012 when  Mr. Helstrup and some of his friends went skydiving one afternoon. Helstrup was wearing a helmet cam, and as he was  releasing his parachute something flew by him, missing him by a couple of feet.

According to NRK Helstrup said :

"I got the feeling that there was something, but I didn't register what was happening."

After landing he immediately looked through the film, and there he saw the object. Helstrup and friends formed a search party later that day. He looked around for a couple of days, but no luck finding the meteorite.

The video sparked a light under Meteorite experts. They're still skeptical, you can't blame them either. After all it's the first time in history a Meteorite has been filmed during it's "dark  flight."