Comedian Jimmy Failla pranked passengers in a cab with an epic "Snakes In A Cab" hidden-video stunt that is both scary and downright hilarious.

One by one, each cab passenger is seen taking a routine cab ride when a 10-foot albino python slithers through the partition into the backseat. Unexpecting cab riders are then seen losing their minds upon coming face to face with the serpent.

Failla isn't a taxi driver, but still holds a license and wanted to use the cab as a prank to "promote his new book and have fun."

TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) spokesman Allan Fromberg thinks otherwise.

This was monumentally poor judgment on the driver’s part, and we are clearly going to actively question this person’s suitability to continue holding a TLC license

In addition to the TLC frowning upon Failla's actions, PETA has also suggested he use a fake rubber snake from now on. The 37-year-old comedian isn't too worried about losing his cabbie's license being that he hasn't actually worked as a cab driver since 2010.

You can catch Failla in NYC at the Gotham Comedy Club and Comic Strip Live.