Like many of you, I too am growing anxious for Super Bowl XLVII, but there is more to it than just the game. I cannot wait to see how creative the commercials get for Super Bowl. 

Through the years we have seen many brands and franchises take advantage of the world-wide audience for a Super Bowl. Brands like McDonalds, Budweiser, Doritos, Coca Cola and others have always used some rather creative ways and creative personalities to get their product "over" during their Super Bowl ads.

Here is a breakdown of some of my favorite all-time favorite commercials during the Super Bowl. Yes, this may be the only time in the year when nobody really seems to complain about advertisements during a sporting event.

Being a HUGE basketball fan, I absolutely loved when Jordan and Bird battled each other in a friendly game of "horse." This little exhibition was all over a McDonald's sandwich.

Another spot that really caught my attention and the attention of the country was the first Budweiser ad when they used the bullfrogs. Yes, we all instantly fell in love with the frogs after this spot aired for the first time.

Next, it was our local girl, Ali Landry, who stole the hearts of men from all around the United States. Following Ali's success in the Miss U.S.A Pageant, she was featured in a seductive Doritos ad.

In 1996, an ad ran for Pepsi where they displayed their rival, Coca Cola, trying their product. The ad showed a Coca Cola delivery person attempting to sneak a Pepsi product from the cooler, but things didn't go as smoothly as he may have hoped. Classic.

Another Super Bowl ad that is engraved in my memory was the Doritos ad where the pug made a dash towards the door when he saw his master's friend with a chip. The slow motion action made it!! Not to mention, the ending wasn't too shabby either.

I think when Volkswagen aired their spot in 2011 of the young boy dressed as Darth Vader to promote their 2012 Passat, they scored because they hit the hearts of so many parents while getting their message and product across. Everyone was talking about this ad the day after the Super Bowl.

Another Super Bowl that caught my attention was when Betty White was playing football in the Snicker's commercial.  Two young men playing football are portrayed as actors Betty White and Abe Vigoda. It turns out that those guys just need a Snickers for energy to play like the young men they truly are instead of old people.

Budweiser also scored when they featured two dalmatians, which were separated by birth, in their 1999 Super Bowl ad. This ad certainly tugged at the hearts of animal lovers, yet at the same time selling their product.

In 2006 Bud Light had a hit on their hand when they debuted their revolving wall ad during the Super Bowl. Watch as a guy thinks he is concealing his fridge, which is loaded with beer, by revolving it via an invisible wall. Not so smart.

Lastly, in 2012 Doritos used man's best friend to persuade a pet owner to not reveal his actions. While not much may have been said in this ad, the message was quiet clear....And entertaining!!