Ladies, (especially the ones who are SoMo fans) we hope you're sitting down for this because we just got our hands on the new official video for his hit single 'Ride' and if you thought the original video for 'Ride' was sexy, you might want to go grab a cold beverage.

SoMo had one hell of a 2013 as his sellout shows and uber-dedicated fan base caught the attention of Republic Records and ultimately landed the singer-songwriter a record deal. His hit single 'Ride' has gone from being the best-kept secret on the iPods of his most loyal fans, to the airwaves of radio stations all over the country.

With Somo's (real name Joseph Somer-Morales) newfound success, 2014 kicks off with a fresh new visual for 'Ride' that features a new video girl; and from the bedroom to the shower, the word "steamy" is an understatement.

We still remember the hearts SoMo melted when we brought him to The District in early December 2013; and in addition to being a heartthrob, he truly was appreciative of every one of his fans - as he got up close and personal with over 100 of them for photos + meet & greets.

With all the new fans that he has gained through his newfound radio and television fame, it may be time to bring SoMo back sooner, than later.

I'm sure his South Louisiana fans wouldn't be mad at that, at all. ;)