As we all begin the count down to 2012, no one may want the year 2011 to come to an end any quicker than rapper Soulja Boy. The young rapper has had a rough 2011, and by the looks of things the end of the year may sum up how his entire year has been...A rough one!!!

According to TMZ, Soulja Boy has been served with an eviction notice. Yup, the rap star has not paid the rent on his pad in Atlanta and DeAndre Way, Soulja Boy, has been served with eviction papers. Soulja has until December 5 to pay up, or risk getting thrown out. According the website, Soulja Boy owes a whopping $4,725 to his landlord.


If you recall, the rapper took a lot of heat from the U.S. Military after he dissed the military in a song called, "Let's Be Real." In addition to that, the 21-year-old artist was also arrested earlier this year in Georga for allegedly carrying a gun and weed in a briefcase.

To say that he wants 2011 to end now would be an understatement. Let's all hope that the young rapper gets his priorities and career straight as we begin a new year.