Sports fans we should warn you right of the gates that this may be painful to watch!! Through the years we have all seen some pretty bad "first pitches" prior to major league baseball games, but this may be the WORST ever!! Watch what happened in South Korea as a young pop star, Jessica Jung, had the honor of tossing the ceremonial first pitch prior to a ball game in Seoul. The young singer confidentially took the ball from the team's mascot and proceeded to act like she knew what she was doing. And we should note here, everything looked fine leading up to the pitch. However, things would take a drastic turn as the young singer wound up and proceeded to toss the ball towards home plate. See what happens with the pitch, but yes the ball DOES seem to make it to home plate. I only ask, does she keep the ball or does the young lady get rid of it because it infamously made her a "hit" on then internet???