Mystikal, real name Michael Lawrence Tyler, born and raised in my home town of New Orleans La, is one of my favorite rappers of all time. You can recognize his voice and style in a room full of a million rappers. Mystikal is a stand out, and he will be in Lafayette this Friday, August 2nd at The District.

Mystikal doing a special 'Unplugged'  concert with his band 'The Hot Sausage Band'. Before there was a Hot Sausage, he started his career back in the early 90's. His debut album Mystikal with independent label Big Boy Records. The album had 10 songs on it. When this album came out, it hit the streets of New Orleans hard. The cassette tape came in two different colors gold and blue, and there wasn't a car that wasn't playing his songs like 'Y'all Aint Ready' [Video Below]

Then in 1995 only a year later Jive records signed Mystikal, then he released his second album Mind of Mystikal  for the whole world to hear what New Orleans born rapper had to offer the world. When this album came out it had the original 10 songs on it from his self titled album Mystikal, but this one had 15 songs on it including remixes of his original songs, and songs like 'Here I Go' [video below]

Another year had passed, Mystikal's career was in over drive, along with No Limit crew. They saw that this kid from NOLA was going places, so Master P signed Mystikal in 1996 to No Limit, and in 1997 Mystikal came out with his third album Unpredictable with songs like "The Man Right Chea" no video was ever made for it, but the audio speaks for it's self.

This also spawned features with NO LIMIT like 'Wobble Wobble' and many others


Mystikal parted ways with NO LIMIT in 1999 right after his album Ghetto Fabulous. Now on his own, he released an alblum in 2000 called Let's Get Ready. Releasing songs like 'Danger' which  hit #1 on Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart in 2001. Mystikal's only song to hit #1.

...and of course  'SHAKE IT FAST'

Who could forget this banger 'Stutter' Ft. Joe


Then in 2001 He came out with his last album Tarantula,with songs like 'Bouncing Back'

In 2003 "Move Bitch" by Ludacris

Then showed up to the scene in 2010 with New Orleans own Lloyd ' Set Me Free' w/ cameos by Pierre Thomas, Chris Paul and a guy that influenced me to be in radio Wild Wayne from Q93 in New Orleans.


Mystikal is compared to a modern day James Brown, they same energy and similar styles. We cant wait to see what the future has in store for Mystikal aka THE MAN RIGHT CHEA!!!

You can get your tickets and all info on his Unplugged show by clicking right here. See you Friday August 2nd at The District.


Bonus Videos LOL!


Master P "Make'em Say UGH"