Starbucks had to apologize for a satanic symbol that was drizzled on top of a coffee in Baton Rouge.

I know we always call coffee the devil, because it's so good that it has to be bad! This is taking it a little too far!

Megan Pinion of Baton Rouge was having her coffee at the Starbucks in the Mall of Louisiana. When she received her coffee she was in shock when she saw the satanic symbols that were drizzled on top of her whip cream.

Ms. Pinion took to Starbucks Facebook with the message:

"It's your Starbucks logo," but the 666 was quite offensive"

The catholic school teacher added that she was in no way judging the personal beliefs of the barista who made the drinks.

Screen Shot of Megan Pinion Facebook

A Starbucks rep did apologize for the incident. According to the Daily Advertiser, they reached out to Ms. Pinion through social media and they're taking the complaint seriously.

As far as we know, there has been no action taken on the Starbucks employee.