Steve Gleason is faced with a disease called ALS that takes a piece of his life, day by day, until there is nothing left. Too bad for ALS though, because Steve Gleason hasn't let the disease stop him from living life to the fullest one bit.

Today is the former NFL defensive back's 37th birthday, (which also happens to be his football number) and perhaps the best gift he got was a re-enactment by his son Rivers of his now-famous blocked punt in the first game after the re-opening of the Superdome after it was ravaged; along with the rest of New Orleans, by Hurricane Katrina.

Rivers clearly takes after his pop, as he darts past him with blinding speed showing off his natural athleticism to get to the ball. Who knows, we may just be looking at some of the earliest film on a future New Orleans Saints superstar.

In case you want to relive the original blocked punt, just click here to get chills.

Happy 'Black and Golden' Birthday to Steve Gleason!