Spring Break is all about the beach. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time or the money to make the trip to paradise. Some of us are stuck back at home struggling through work and daytime TV while everyone else is partying it up.

Enter Hot 107.9 and the #strugglebeach. We challenged our listeners to take the classic beach pic. You know the one. The pic that's all over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, EVERYWHERE!!



Our listeners sent in their own version of the classic beach pic from wherever they were. All they needed were legs, a beverage, and a struggle. Welcome to #StruggleBeach


#strugglebeach at work

pavement struggle...

they plantin' rice in Jennings on #strugglebeach

tights struggle

cigarettes and soft drinks #strugglebeach

board shorts and arbys are essential on #strugglebeach

#strugglebeach on that purple print pajama painted toenail level

unidentifiable red drink struggle

leis, slippers, and decorated prom cup #struggle

glass bottles always allowed on #strugglebeach

peace tea and struggle

DP Warehouse #struggle

#strugglebeach black kicks and keys

rooftop view on #strugglebeach

#strugglebeach art

off brand flu medicine #struggle

unsafe interstate #struggle

lawn chair don't care sb2k13 #struggle

flat screen boy meets world #struggle

what ocean water looks like on #strugglebeach

The struggle is real. Tweet us your #strugglebeach pics right now on Twitter @1079ishot