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Can you imagine buying a couch for $20 and finding $40K? That happened to these three college students. According to The Little Rebellion, the three students are from New York and had barely enough money to buy a $20 couch. They said it was stained and kind of stinky but it would fit the size of the apartment in which they were all living.

Little did they know what they had just bought!

Reese Werkhoven, Callly Guasti, and Laura Russo, were trying out the couch for the first time when one of them discovered a plastic envelope under the arm of the couch. They opened it and found a stack of $20 bills. They quickly counted it and it added up to $700 big ones.

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Then, they continued digging in the couch and just kept finding money! Tons of it! The more they looked the more they kept finding but in bigger amounts. They counted out the money and it came to $40,000.00!

In one of the envelopes was the name of the owner of the money.

Now comes decision time! What should they do with the money? Should they keep it? Should they try and look up the lady's name in the envelope?

Russo said:

"We all agreed that we had to bring the money back to its owner"

So they looked up the name in the envelope and called the owner and she answered. They brought the money to the lady's front door.

The unidentified lady told them the money was hidden in the couch by her late husband. She just had surgery and her daughter sold the couch to buy a full sized bed, per doctor's orders. The lady also said that her late husband was present in the room with them!

The lady gave them a little something in the amount of $1,000  for bringing the money back to her!

For more details about the story check it out @The Little Rebellion!

Question: Would you have brought back the money to the owner?