Everyone likes big butts right? But did you know that women with big butts have been found to be smarter and healthier? Scientists from the University of Oxford say they've discovered that women with "larger than average" rumps tend to be increasingly smarter and very resistant to chronic illnesses.

Maybe my grandmother wasn't just being nice when she referred to the women with the most junk in their trunks as "healthy" when I was growing up. It seems as if the facts point to women with bootylicious assets as the ones with lower levels of cholesterol as well as the hormones that metabolize sugar.

women with big butts are less likely to have diabetes or heart problems.

Ok, so where does the smarter part come into play? Well, it all has to do with an excess of Omega 3 fats, which have been proven to spark brain development. There's plenty more scientific mumbo-jumbo that elaborates further, but this proves that Sir Mix-A-Lot was onto something when he said he loved big butts and couldn't lie about it.

So to all the ladies out there with bigger butts, wider hips, and smaller waists - the next time you look in the mirror and have ANY negative feelings about your shape - just know that based on data analyzed from 16,000 women, you are superior.

No butts were harmed in this study.