For well over 15 years we have heard the rumors that 2pac isn't really dead. From questionable tabloid sightings to Dave Chappelle's hilarious skit featuring a track where 2pac raps about things that happened after his death, we have had more than enough fuel to the rumors that insist 2pac is still alive. Suge Knight just took a can of gas and threw it on the rumor fire.

TMZ just posted a radio interview that Suge Knight did out in LA today where he INSISTED that 2pac was still alive. In case you are too young to remember, Suge Knight was the head honcho of Pac's record label, Death Row Records, and he was actually in the car with the legendary rapper when he was shot to death back in 1996.

Thugs that make you go "hmmmmmmm?"

BONUS: Here is a picture of me and Suge Knight. Quite possibly the scariest motherf*%$er I've ever met in my life. **He may or may not have ashed on me. Either way, I know I didn't do sh*t about it.**