TMZ has posted a surveillance video of Justin Bieber "drag racing" in Miami the night he was cited and arrested for DUI. This may be the slowest drag racing you ever see!!!

During the traffic stop, Bieber failed a field sobriety test and admitted to smoking pot and taking prescription medication. Thus, he may have been operating the vehicle while under the influence, but some reports out now indicate that Bieber may not have been legally drunk when he was pulled over.

The arresting officer says that he pulled Bieber over because he was drag racing, but the owner of the exotic car rental company where the Biebs rented the yellow Lamborghini says that the GPS tracking device in the vehicle does not indicate that singer was excessively speeding prior to the traffic stop.

Bieber was cited for DUI and given a citation for "drag racing." You be the judge, do you think the singer was racing in this video that was shot around the time he was pulled over?