It's been five years since T-Pain's last album, but that hasn't stopped the rapper-singer from dropping hits. The 30-year-old entertainer is back with a new visual for his latest single, "Look at Me."

Before the video kicks off, the self-proclaimed "purveyor of hard & B" provides viewers with a disclaimer describing the video's motivation: a TY-LITE phone case.

"This entire music video was filmed on a cell phone in a pitch black room. The good folks at TY-LITE said they would send me a free case for that phone if I showed the case a bunch. Enjoy this very well-lit, turd-quality selfie video."

As he mentioned, T-Pain brings his newest hip-hop ballad to life in a pitch black room illuminated by the light in his TY-LITE phone case. If you're not up to date on TY-LITE's popularity, just check out Kim Kardashian's Snapchat feed because she uses her case for almost every nighttime selfie.

The song and video are an ode to social media models everywhere. He - and half of social media users - spend their time oogling over beautiful women, but at the end of the day, their goal is to be seen too.

"You ain't post nothing in a minute / I need to see you, baby you got 15 seconds... / Keep that camera on your face, let me see / And you're only 23, you the s--- / Now look at me, look at me," he raps.

All this is brought to you by an iPhone and a TY-LITE case. This could be insight into T-Pain's upcoming album, Stoicville: The Phoenix.